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70s, 80s, 90s BAR CRAWL + FUNDRAISER | SATURDAY, APRIL 25th 5-10pm

Nostalgic Homes owner and broker Jenny Appel has this to say:

I believe it takes a true Denver native to understand this city’s rapidly evolving neighborhoods. My family has lived in this great state for five generations – four of them in Denver. I was born at St. Luke’s Hospital and raised in the heart of Northwest Denver. As the saying goes, “I know this city like the back of my hand.”

Denver is the place where I have chosen to raise my own daughter. My husband, Corey, and I make our home here. I’ve lived in the Highlands, Cottage Hill, Wheat Ridge, and Sloan’s Lake, so I know the many facets of our great city.

Neighborhood knowledge is also the key to my success in marketing homes for sale. It’s critical for your agent to understand who the potential buyer might be…who would be attracted to your home and its location. This data helps find buyers a new residence that will be perfect for their lifestyle, too. Some folks stumble into real estate as a career. Not me. A major life challenge freed me to enter this field – something I had always wanted to do. In 1994, I was diagnosed with cancer and at first was given a rather poor prognosis. I came out of intensive chemotherapy and decided that since I had to work, I would choose a new, more rewarding career. Cancer was really liberating in that way. I gave myself permission to choose this career – one I’d always believed would be right for me.

That’s when I first realized the huge advantage my in-depth neighborhood knowledge offered. Every time our office went to tour a new listing, I had a story to tell about the block. It was a lot of fun and I was hooked. Over a decade later, I still find this work fun and fascinating. I think this was key to my successful fight against illness, too.

In addition to my 12 years in this business, I have an artistic background that gives me an edge when it comes to presenting your home for sale in its best possible light. I’ve developed a true talent for staging, the process of improving each room to make it as inviting as possible while showcasing the home’s architectural features. I offer this key service as a companion service to my top quality marketing. In today’s market where many sales begin on the internet, stellar photographs and compelling publications are essential to strong home sales.

My husband, Corey Wadley, and I are real estate professionals; this is our full time calling and our passion. I tell people I’m going to get the job done but we’re also going to have some fun along the way! Vintage homes hold a special place in both our hearts. The first home I purchased for myself was the two-story at 3927 West 32nd, which has grown into the Highlands Garden Cafe. I love every inch of Denver’s vintage neighborhoods – many of which I study while jogging around Sloan’s Lake. We have nearly two decades of combined experience in this business. No one knows Denver homes and neighborhoods better than we do!

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